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Thread: How to register at Gamekiss

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    How to register at Gamekiss

    (i'm requesting that this be made a sticky)
    I realized this when I got home today, and saw Axis.exe's IM asking for it...
    Since I'm never really around the computer, and always out doing who knows what, I can't really respond to IMs, here's how to register, if you are still having trouble just post and I'll get back to you.

    Ok, go to Gamekiss, and if you don't see a login window, that means your screen resolution is too low, you need 1024x768 to see it...
    Once you can see a login window, there are 3 main buttons on it...
    The main login go button, which is a darker blue, a white one to retrieve an ID or PW, and a light blue one, which is for the register. You want to click the light blue one.

    You should now see 2 windows of agreement crap. Below that is a check box, it's defaultly checked off. (leave it that way) Now you should see 2 more buttons under that. The first one is if you are under the age of 14, and the other one is if you above the age of 14. Click whichever one that you belong to

    Now you see a text box, and 2 seprate text boxes, ignore them (if it doesn't work, then type your name in the first text box), and you see 2 more buttons on the bottom, the right one is the one you want because you are not Korean, and do not have a Korean Housing Registration number.

    Now just type in your name, and password you want.

    Exact thing for register thingy

    Alias (ScreenName)
    Gender: Male - Female
    Confirm Password:

    I hope that helps.
    I'll make whatever changes this needs if the site gets a new layout.

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    Sticky Granted

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    hey man'.... i'm back
    so i wanted 2 try Axis2...
    but it's only saying ps2?

    ohh yeah so i went searching and saw a basketball game that looked really cool i tried 2 register as the same way as gamekiss becouse it looked like eachother:P can't get past the name_check
    hahahhaha damn...

    i know it's offtropic but what the heck:P the axis forum is dead
    I don't know how this SIGNATURE WORK!!!! **SNiff**


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    what is the Addy for this Gamekiss site?

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