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News: RSS Reader Clarified

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    News: RSS Reader Clarified

    We mentioned a few days ago that in the latest SS:2845 build, an RSS reader was incorporated into the GUI, but details surrounding what exactly it was were unclear. Trajan has now clarified that it will be used to easily post game related news and announcements ingame from a website.
    Like for example an announcement of master server downtime, an upcoming patch, that sort of thing. This allows us to be anywhere in the world and post news by using just a standard web browser, and the news will show up directly on the games main screen when people play.
    He goes on to say that it may be opened up to community related news sometime down the line.

    - ATR Build Notes

    need more clarification: which version?

    (example) hint: valid RSS 0.91 is not valid RSS 2.0.

    (sorry, any more, it pisses me off when people make an RSS feed. Atom seems to be superior in nearly all respects and is supported by most "RSS readers". this is when my technical bigotry kicks in.)
    -- grey wolf

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