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News: Weapons Selector MOD v2.0

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    News: Weapons Selector MOD v2.0

    This version of Weapon Selector is very different from its previous versions. The 9 weapon and vehicle limitation of v1.1 is now no longer existent. At the cost of simplicity, the HUD based selection system has been replaced by a visual selection, where players literally scroll though the vehicles and weapons that they wish to use the exact same way as they select weapons. A hologram (actually, its a staticshape, but I'm using poetic license and calling it a hologram :P) displays which weapon or vehicle that is currently selected. This is all done at a vehicle station.

    The glitches in the previous version, such as the lasers firing weirdly and the badger issues, have been fixed. Also, in order to give badgers a slightly better fighting chance against other hercs, I have added 4 components for the badger that players can choose from along with still being able to swap out the turret! These components include '4x4' wheel drive, 'Rammer' boosters, 'Jumper' hydraulics, and the ability for the driver to aim the turret (and still be able to carry passengers).

    Unfortunately, the option for server owners to limit weapons certain weapons on certain vehicles has been temporarily removed. This will be added back in the next version.

    All this and the mod is STILL server-sided, so players joining a server running this mod do not need to download anything.

    If you have any comments, suggestions, or bugs/glitches to report, please e-mail me.

    Click here to DL.

    um Maedros, you never mention who made this mod, and whether its for Starsiege, or the Atr.
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      It's for the ATR, made by Kyred - details from an earlier news post.