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News: Examining the SCARAB

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    News: Examining the SCARAB

    Good news and bad news ladies and gents, good and bad...

    As usual, we'll go with the bad first: the new TGE:A engine is proving to be a real nut buster; hence, the lack of obvious progress. Why this is case, I have no clue. It could be that the new engine is just going through the usual growing pains and patches will smooth stuff out or it might be compatibility issues with the old TGE.

    And now for the good stuff. We've finally gotten some decent renders of the SCARAB mobile battlesuite. One of the new pic's can be seen in thumbnail below. The rest can be seen here.
    Perhaps more interesting is that the SCARAB's role in the game has finally been clarified. They are, as expected, the bridge between infantry and Hercs, in addition to be the far precursors of the iconic powered armor seen in the Tribes games. The comparison used was if infantry are HMMV's and Hercs are M1A1 tanks, then SCARABs are the Bradleys and Strikers. For a more detailed explanation, click here.

    That render definitely reminds me of the T:V Heavy, very cool looking.