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News: #@!&#, @#$% #$%^

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    News: #@!&#, @#$% #$%^

    Yea, old news now, but I only just found out. I'd like thank each and every one of you who came to tJY for your 2845 fix. It's been a blast people.

    Special mention and thanks goes out to Mhaddy and Maehdros and the rest of the Junkyard crew for all their efforts

    - 2845 is dead

    Originally posted by IVIaedhros View Post
    I think that about sums up my feelings .


      I actually found myself checking the forums earlier, in some vain hope that it was still some sort of bad joke.
      Still, I agree it wasn't completely unexpected - it's something that's been looming overhead, and all the more so since they switched over from T:V.
      Modding is one thing... starting from scratch in Torque is another.

      At least I got to help test the ATR so I can feel a little less useless/guilty than I would.


        Oh my god . I just found out.

        I miss the devs already
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