The forums are back online! Sort of...

Thanks to some intrepid and dedicated 'Siege community members (thanks Kat), I've brought the Junkyard Forums back online. I've closed all old topics, so there should be no necromancy and with the exception of General > * and Starsiege > *, I've disabled new posts/replies to all other forums until I see a community need to turn them back on.

If you see something off, need a feature enabled, want to sign up as a moderator, or otherwise want to reach me directly, catch me on the Starsiege Discord.
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News: Cyberstorm PVP games begin

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    News: Cyberstorm PVP games begin

    Crow! has officially started the first Cyberstorm game on the forums...or if not the first, then the first in really, really long time.

    Click here to view the thread.