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    What do you get when you take the people who created WoW and use them to combine Tribes, World of Warcraft, Starship Troopers, Studio Ghibli anime, XIII, and make a free persistent MMPOG ? FireFall, which may turn out to be the world's biggest FPS game.

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    Scott Youngblood is also part of the development team as the lead designer. He was the lead designer of Starsiege: Tribes.


      Having put hands on this game, I can without a doubt say this is Tribes' successor and more than worthy. Watch this:

      Note the team names... When I asked how deliberate the names were and pointed out the Tribes relationship, I received a response of a chuckle, smile and "You must know Tribes pretty well."

      Edit 8/30/11: More info now that I have time to process. So, the PAX beta demo had one set of stations playing open world in Copacabana. You logged in with an e-mail, which gets you a beta invite too, and set your player name. The 20 minute match started with everyone going in with a base objective and depending if you switched armor frames (they had assault, recon, medic and engineer available) you then got different sub-objectives. At the 10 minute mark a global even triggered, with the Chosen attacking the city and you had to hold them off; you got a teleport back to town, so no one was discouraged from going far afield for their sub-objectives.

      There were two types of inventory stations, as it were. A forge station allows you to change frame types and/or reconfigure weapons and gear on a given frame if you had earned or salvaged anything. I forget what the other one was called, but all it does is pop up a small window that allows you to change frame types. Depending on frame type and gear you have a set of extra abilities, as shown in the Sunken Harbor video.

      Weapons require periodic reloading, but never did I find it to be so frequent as to be annoying, you get a good number of shots. there are health and ammo reload stations in town and in the field there are plenty of heath and ammo drops, along with other stuff. Should you go down there is a countdown timer to respawn. If a medic gets you back up before then you go on as normal, otherwise you respawn at a secure location in town and head back out.

      Additionally, everything was persistent. So, when I played a second time I started with the additional gear I had collected and earned, giving my assault frame a bit of a boost. This bled over to the set of PvP stations which pitted two teams of 5 human players against each other in an attack/defend scenario. Everything earned in the open world demo carried over to PvP and continued to build there.

      One immediate difference I noticed between the games of Tribes: Ascend and Firefall being played was in the level of team work. If you look at the video Aldaron linked in the Tribes thread you just don't see people really working together, everyone is doing their own thing whereas in Firefall people were automatically teaming up with others in their area and totally teaming up during the invasion.
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