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Friday Night Axis [Game Posts Only]

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    Friday Night Axis [Game Posts Only]

    This thread will be for posting Game information only. For example

    Game Name:
    Start Time:
    End Time:

    Addional Info: Who is hosting or other conditions that may apply.

    If you want to post any information in reguards to a server that was posted please do so [HERE]

    *Anyone that posts spam or dosn't follow the rules will have there post deleted.*
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    I'll be hosting this week too...

    Game Name: FNA!
    IP: None
    Password: none (as in does not have one)
    Start time: 9:00 or 9:30 PM EST
    End Time: Saturday Morning when I wake up...


      Ima be hosting FNA this time.

      Game Name:FNA
      Password:none (but next time i WILL put a password)
      Start Time 7:00 (GMT -8:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)
      End Time:1:00 a.m.

      Adittional Info:I may have to get off at 8:00 to 9:30 because my parents both work at Pechanga and they have to call and check up on me.
      EDIT:due to weird reasons, this game is CANCELED
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        I'm hosting

        Game Name: FNA!
        IP: None
        Password: none (as in does not have one)
        Start time: 9:00 or 9:30 PM EST
        End Time: Varying

        Room will be at asgard, and death match like usual...


          Looks like I'll be taking the reigns this time.

          Game Name: FNA
          Password: Doesn't have one
          Start Time: 10:00 PM EST ( Mabye as Early as 9:30 or as late as 11. )
          End Time: Varies

          Room Will be Rotating. Some Team Battles some free for alls.

          Healthy mix of SD and DM


            ok this is early, but ima host again, and HOPEFULLY my comp wont freeze up. I changed my mind about putting up a pw and thought maybe none of you would come.

            Game Name:FNA (it'll be in Red text)
            Start: 6:45 PM (GMT -8:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)
            End time:1:00 AM

            Same Special stuff as last time. but however, all the matches will be Platoon (PLT),Death Match (DM),Team Sudden Death (TSD),King of the hill (KOH), and Team Gladiator (TGL)matches.
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              nobody else seems to be hostin so ill do it

              Game name: FNA!
              IP: none
              PW: none
              Start: 9:45 east coast
              End: when i end it


                Game Name: Shugotenshi
                Password: Kappa
                Start: Wednesday, July 2nd 2003, 7:00PM Eastern
                End: Whenever

                This/these game(s) will be SD, DM, TSD, TDM, and SA. Starting will be SA Asgard. We'll move on from there.


                  my turn

                  when-next friday july 25,2003. at about 3 pm pacific coast time.
                  i live in california dude!
                  game room name-shogo.
                  game will end when i get tired of getting killed.
                  or 6 pm pacific coast time.
                  whichever comes first.
                  room will be deathmatch only.
                  i will set it for 16 people.
                  DO NOT FEAR THE DARK.
                  FEAR WHAT IT HIDES!


                    game canceld

                    due to unforseeable events my hosting a game will be canceled.
                    axis has failed to load properly on my computer the last 3 times i ran it.
                    also my apologies to all those who have been waiting for a chance to kill me repeatedly.
                    i will host a game as soon as i get axis running again.
                    i have no clue what is wrong with the game.
                    could someone please send me a list of things that maybe wrong.
                    just send it to me as an e-mail please.
                    including my e-mail address at bottom of this post.

                    here's my e-mail address.

                    DO NOT FEAR THE DARK.
                    FEAR WHAT IT HIDES!


                      i host about every night...but i might as well tell you here...

                      Game name: Friday Night Axis
                      IP: doesnt madder
                      Pass: no password
                      starts: 9 PM eastern
                      ends: when everyone leaves...

                      I will put up a large rotation....if my internet messes up...then peacefully leave...i will remake or lynn will make...ill try to get some favs like DM asgard and ioncannon titanforge......this may be one of the last if at all possible try to show may be my retirment to...depends on how things im talking about LS and people...try to show this one...kinda a end of axis celebration...



                        Is anyone still posting Games For Axis here I just got into it liked and and would like to find others that play
                        Killing is my Business, if you run you'll just die tired....


                          add me msn

                          aol Deadly_Rays_249
                          icq 322446765

                          i will host a game today only if i get 2 or more replies on msn or aol
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