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Axis 2008+ xD

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    Axis 2008+ xD

    I have my Axis Rivial 'server' up and working for remote connections^^

    If anyone wants to join us, the game running at ip
    I know without the server files this is limited atm, but at least it's a start^^

    I am going to make an attempt to aquire the server files for Axis so it can be run the way it was meant to be run. However, judging from previous experieces, this is at best a pipe dream. But who knows, anything is possible. Regardless, there is a lot of options availible if this coarse of action fails.

    So far, I have a ventrilo service availible for Axis people. I will be also adding an Axis section to my web&forums to help people get together to play & bs. I also am more then willing to host and administrate clan wars and battles, etc. However, without some sort of 'server' type ware, any ladder system will have to be maintained manually.

    Anyone that may be interested in this project (at any level), please feel free to contact me. My info is availibel via tJY member section


    *So far, it seems that there is no need for any port modifications for a 'client' to connect normally. I'm still having local issues that restrict me to have to play on the host machene (annoying but of small consequence to getting things rolling)

    netstat came back with this:

    server: 1894 --> client: 2300
    server: 2300 --> client: 4575

    client: 2300 --> server: 1894
    client: 4575 --> server: 2300


    ** I will keep this post up to date when there is any news

    * I would not normally post this type of thread in someone elses forum but I'm guessing that tJY staff won't mind considering that their Axis area has been parked in their archives

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    The server will be down for a few days while Im waiting on new hardware to be delivered. If anyone has any questions feel free to post here or contact me dirrectly


      Nice! I'm busy with college atm, so I can't quite help you, but I'll jump in once things smooth over.

      Best wishes to your success,



        I just tried to connect. It said error. Your server must be offline atm?


          The box it was running on blew out a few weeks ago. Im currently waiting on either getting a new machene or getting the upgrades needed for my server box to run Axis from there.

          *Sorry, my last post was a little misleading/outdated. Holiday chaos etc

          I will keep this thread updated with any news
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