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How to run axis in linux.

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    How to run axis in linux.

    1. First get axis over at xatax's beautiful thread for obtaining axis here.

    2. Once you have the game. Extract it wherever you want. It doesn't have an installer. Make sure to have downloaded the sound track, put it into the game, then put into mp3 player also.

    3. The next thing to do on your linux machine is to make sure you have wine (the free windows compatibility layer for linux). The default wine config in "winecfg" should be just fine except for the audio server. Go into your favorite terminal emulator and type "winecfg". This will bring up the wine config program. Ignore everything in there; there's not much to change anyhow, but we do need to go to the audio tab. The audio tab may be a little slow to appear, then pop up some wierd message, but don't worry about it. Once in the audio tab be sure to select the ALSA checkbox. Uncheck any other checkboxes in there and confirm that only alsa is checked. Click ok. Now you're done configuring wine.

    4. Need to actually run axis? There's two ways. Go into your favorite terminal emulator and navigate to your axis folder. Once in there just use the "wine" command followed by the axis executable. Such as "wine axs.exe". This will startup axis.
    The second way to run axis is to actually create a shortcut or script for it, or just navigate to where you keep it everytime and double click axs.exe.

    5. Wow, that's all pretty easy and such. Now you want to run the game? Ok, so you ran axs.exe in linux using wine. Once in there it may appear all black for the little screen that shows "change server", "install directx", "video setup", "play game", blablabla etc. Oh noes it's all black! That doesn't matter. Just wave your mouse pointer over a good area of the axis launcher and the normal buttons it has will show up where your mouse pointer was. First thing you want to find is change server; make sure it's on the US server. The second thing is to go to video setup; in there click "select opengl render".
    Then to run the game click play game. The game will run as good or better than it did in windows.

    Why select opengl render for Axis?
    Great performance in linux and windows. And because linux uses only opengl and has no support for direct3d whatsoever natively. Through the use of wine does linux has great support for direct3d apps and can play anything direct3d through the use of a direct3d to opengl wrapper. Half life 2 in linux works great under wine even though it is a direct3d game, axis on the other hand doesn't like when you click select direct3d render in wine under linux. It's just principle to use opengl whenever you have a chance.

    Information regurgitation.

    This is regurgitation of some info most users when first time running axis will not even bother researching when they have a problem. They'll just sit there and complain without even trying to help themselves first.

    Axis says it can do resolutions over 1024x768, but it really can't. Maybe it can for some, but it never did for me (my display does 1280x800 max so it's not that i have a crappy monitor).

    Make sure to select the US server in change server area of launcher. Unless you don't want to play against others in america with direct ip.

    Save yourself and everyone some trouble and plz play the game in opengl. Axis launcher > video setup > select opengl render. The direct3d render for this game just doesn't work properly at all even in windows.

    The game will survive on your computer at max detail settings. On my computer with an 8400gs the game at it's highest got 330fps at the highest settings. Most of the time performance ranges between 250 and 330fps. The lowest i've gotten was 150fps. I'm pretty sure the game can tolerate max settings even on computers from 7 years ago.

    Great guide... but you might want to omit the section about seletcing a server since there are no public servers anymore
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      i omitted that on purpose. I was writing a tutorial presumably for first novice users of linux. In which case this is the only place for axis last on the net; also presumably written for first time axis players.

      Thx for the compliments. I thought a guide like this to be necessary since linux gamers are on the rise and me being one of them must spread an easy to follow how to. But, the regurgitation is necessary. The only reason why i say select the US server is because well it seems logical for americans to select the US server. Plus the second reason was from a little tidbit i gathered from the get axis full version for free thread. There may be no reason at all to select the US server, especially if it does nothing. But, noobs are afraid of what they don't know so they get to select the US server and figure out on there own that it does nothing instead of asking me more questions.
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