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Opening and Closing Cinematics?

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    Opening and Closing Cinematics?

    I know this game is mostly dead, but I'm wondering if anyone still has the opening and closing cinematics from the korean retail version? I'd like to see them to know at least a little more about what's going on.

    If anyone has the Siren parts (or even just the head) available, that'd be great too - not for hacking purposes, just in general.

    Great game. Pity about how it was released though.

    if your interested in playing id be more than glad to have a game sometime. cinematics weren't that great.
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      Yeah, I have the videos. Posted in the distribution thread about that -- will watch for a response there.

      Not sure what you are asking for with the Siren components... I'm guessing you want the extracted 3D mesh? Or are there parts missing from the game distro here?

      If it's the latter, I will look for my old install to see if I have any such missing files.

      If it's the former, I don't know where to start with the concatenated dat files here, but as a passing capable 3D modeler I have thought about building some medium to high poly adaptations of the Axis mecha...

      *edit: sorry, it's been years since I played the game -- forgot about Siren and all. I understand the request now... but the spiel about modeling the Axis mecha stands. I've wanted to do that since way back when this game still worked under the RA client but didn't have the tools and ability at the time.
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