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Axis multi questions

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    Axis multi questions

    Well, i'm having some problems with local network multiplayer.

    Which server do i select in the change server area of the axis launcher?
    Do i do ipx games or tcp/ip?
    Also i'm running vista, i keep getting a "windows socket needs to be yes or no" clicking yes errors out.

    The game runs under vista, but am having trouble setting up multiplayer. I can do a tcp/ip game, and try to connect to it with another machine via direct ip, but it times out.

    Is there any other configurations i need to make to axis?

    This whole entire post is solved.

    There's no need for ipx anymore so screw it.
    Running axis in vista brings about the install windows socket yes or no dialogue that doesn't do anything. If you're running vista go ahead and click no and play the game, multi will work just fine. Clicking yes errors out so it doesn't matter.

    To get rid of this run axis in xp compatibility mode. Although this only gets rid of the winsock least it's an annoyance solved.

    Also, for some of those who might be doing this might be eyeing over the "run as administrator" option in the properties for axis. It doesn't matter if you're running the executable for axis as administrator or just a standard user, so go ahead and leave that option alone. Running the game with administrator privileges will give you the exact same benefit as running the game with user privileges.

    Modifying port settings for the game proved unnecessary entirely for me. If running this game in vista, turn off UAC. That got rid of the axis protocol errors for me. In XP and Vista, make sure axisgl.exe is allowed as an exception in windows firewall. Windows firewall will probably bring up another prompt for "if_multi", go ahead and allow it too in windows firewall.

    Now you just got the game to work with a firewall, woopiedoo, that's the easiest part.

    Solving the time out on joining games direct ip. Make sure you have the right ip address entered in for the server to join.

    If it still times out, decrease the damn mtu in your router. That was the only router change that needed to happen that stopped axis on my computer from timing out when trying to connect to hosting server on my local network.

    So, i got my game on.

    Other tidbits, axis runs great in x86_64 linux and vista. I run vista 64 bit, and my friend uses vista 32 bit. I was thinking that when axis multi wasn't working for me that maybe it was the fact that the 64bit tcp ip protocols on my computer didn't exactly like vista 32bit. I was wrong. Axis runs great with multi on 32 bit and 64 bit vista and linux.