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netsphere unable to load, help

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    netsphere unable to load, help

    I download netsphere from game kiss 61mb, after i install it and click on the netsphere icon i get the error message "The ordinal 11 could not be located in the dynamic link library DSOUND.dll". The game is not able to load. Help.

    Download it again, Netsphere is 230 something mb...
    You must register at Gamekiss, log in, then go to the Netsphere area, and click go.
    The game should start running...
    Then make sure you set the resolution to 32-bit, otherwise the game will crash, they still didn't fix the 16-bit mode yet...

    When you want to play any other time, you must go to the site, and click go, you cannot run it any other way...
    I repeat...
    You MUST go to Gamekiss, and click go to run it...


      how do you register, its in korean

      the undiscernible korean is like a bunch of wierd lines. How can i navigate and register? i see a lock and a key thing and blocks seperated by dashes. i tried but doesnt work.

      also, is netsphere free or does it come with strings attached? do you have to buy it for all upgrades, etc?
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