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Cyberstorm Single Player V1.2 (Now it actually works!)

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    Cyberstorm Single Player V1.2 (Now it actually works!)

    EDIT: It has been released! Get it here: link
    Rename your original CSTORM.EXE file CSTORM_BACKUP.EXE and put this file in its place.

    Just make sure you have version 1.1 already (if you do, Hotseat Game should be an option on the multiplayer menu). If you don't, the patch can be downloaded here, too: link

    Hello CS fans!

    Seraphim's release of a very thorough description of the cybrid models has enabled us to locate the designs for the official Cybrid Hercs inside the CSTORM.EXE file. We plan to create a mod of Cyberstorm, arming the Cybrids both more intelligently and more powerfully, to make the single player game more interesting.

    This thread is intended to keep this project organized and running smoothly. The following is a list that I will keep current of who is doing what and what the overall plan for each segment is. In any post in this thread, please indicate the section names (which is in capital letters) relating to your post, and then list whatever suggestions you would like to make.

    At this point, all modifications have been gathered. Further changes will undoubtedly be made, but we are ready to move on to testing.

    SPECTERS: Borg_Down
    ROLE: V1 - V6: Flanking attacker.
    EF Cannons on V_1.

    PARASITE: Crow!
    ROLE: V1 - V6: Deal one hit quickly, then die.
    It has a speed boosting device but also has the mining device just to be safe that the AI doesn't mess up.

    CEREBRUS: Borg_Down
    ROLE: V1 - V6: Support Herc. Various mortars once they are available.
    Starting with version 3, these have targeting bonus devices, making other Cybrids better at aiming until they are destroyed.

    ARACHNUS: Crow!
    ROLE: V1 - V3: High speed shield downer.
    V4 - V6: More like Parasite as EMPs and Neutron weapons combine.

    GENOCITE: SiopaomanX
    ROLE: V1 - V3: Generic, medium Herc with long range weapons and medium autocannons.
    ROLE: V4 - V5: Plasma/Fusion Mortars replace autocannons.
    V6: Returns to being more independent, as Hades provides most of the mortar-toting.
    NOTE: Genocite V2 occured only one rank after V1! I have delayed V2 by one rank to compensate. I always wondered why I never saw any Genocite V1s.

    MALIGNUS: Crow!
    ROLE: V1 - V2: Heavy Herc , slightly weaker than Demon
    ROLE: V3: Thermal Needler / area effect missiles
    ROLE: V4 - V5: Fast attack plasma cannon toting Herc. V4 has Rapid Saturation Missiles.
    ROLE: V6: SP1200s and HC Blasters with HK missiles.
    Q: V3 is a bit strange, and I'd like to receive feedback on it. As a rank 7 Herc, I give it 4x Thermal Needler (small weapon, rank 9) and 2x Heavy Saturation Rockets (rank 10). All those weapons have a huge number of subhits, making it much more dangerous against light hercs than against heavies. All weapons are sub-par for their alleged rank, especially in the hands of the trigger-happy Cybrids.

    HADES: Seraphim
    ROLE: V1 - V2: Generic Heavy
    ROLE: V3 - V6: various specialized distances. V6 has mortars.

    NIHILUS: Crow!
    ROLE: V1 - V6: Heavy assault; thick shields and armor, some ECM, and long range weapons.

    VERMINIUS: SiopaomanX
    ROLE: V1 - V3: Short range throw away self destructor.
    We have not yet adopted any changes to these units.

    TURRETS: Crow!
    Non-heavy turrets had sucky computers; that has been fixed. Heavy turrets have been given Assault armor V3 onward, and it gets thicker for V4 and V5. Light turrets' lasers have in general been upgraded to medium size, and V5 has autocannons like the rest of the versions.

    STRUCTURES: nobody assigned
    Q: Do we upgrade the armor or shields on enemy structures?
    A: I have thought about that for a while, and I think we should not. Killing a building before killing all cybrids/turrets is a strategic decision that, in the proper circumstances, should be encouraged and not punished. Besides, after all Cybrid threats are eliminated, who wants to have to sit around for multiple turns just to kill a harmless building?

    FIRST SOLAR SYSTEM: Ranks 0 - 5.
    Our upgrades on these Cybrids should focus on intelligent weapon choices using the new definitions of what the Cybrids can and can't mount. No more than one overdrive per Cybrid. We want 1. the start of the game to be easier than the end of the game, and 2. the first elite military mission to be playable.

    SECOND SOLAR SYSTEM: Ranks 6 - 10.
    The Cybrids here should be a challenge to defeat. Anyone have specific plans?

    THIRD SOLAR SYSTEM: Ranks 11 - 13
    The Cybrids here should be brutal; they should all be independently powerful, but they should work together in a way that makes them more than the sum of their parts. The special V6 versions should pull out all the stops; remember that the programmers broke the rules when designing them, so we can do the same and create Hercs that follow the Cybrid Herc designs in spirit but totally cheat in actual weapon and component mountings in order to produce the ultimate challenge.
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    Anyone who wishes to help bugtest and send suggestions for the final release can either respond here or email me at worhatch[AT]msu[DOT]edu and I will send them a copy of the new CSTORM.EXE file. It has the cybrid loadouts as they have currently been updated.

    I will post back here again when I have a chance to do some significant playtesting myself, which probably won't be until the weekend.
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      I have gotten through the first solar system without too many troubles. In fact, I was able to get through the first elite military mission without a single loss - perhaps difficulty can be increased a bit more! I'll wait to hear what my other tester(s) say(s) about it before making that particular decision, however.

      Aside from the Specter's EF cannons, which I have already decided are pretty cool, the unit that grabs the most attention is the Nihilus V1. On the down side, the AI seems reluctant to fire the PBW, so I will probably have to replace that weapon. On the other hand, it seems eager to use the Ranger as though it were a shield penetrating weapon (which is partially true, I suppose, but certainly isn't the best use of the weapon). Still, I like the extra character added by its constant barrage of light damage.

      The second solar system does seem to provide the difficulty spike I was hoping for - perhaps a little bit too much, as a matter of fact! The Hades V2 is downright deadly, sporting a pair of SP1200s and enough anti-armor firepower to singlehandedly kill a Demon. I'm just wondering if it's actually too much.. and I'm especially wondering if the remaining four versions can really be better than this SP1200 toting monstrosity; I might have to reorder which Hades is which to put them in the proper order of ascending coolness. Meanwhile, the Cerebrus V3's blast mortars, while cool, aren't as strong as I was expecting them to be. On the other hand, Cerebrus V3 is the advent of the targeting bonus devices, so maybe it doesn't need to be all that powerful.

      I just wanted to keep you guys up to date on progress. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! It's lonely in this thread...
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        I lost my game.. anyone know a download?


          i lost mine a while ago too. got my replacement copy off a bittorrent for "old sierra games". if that's not still being seeded, i can send you the file i got from bittorrent over a large file sender like

          lemme know what you'd like to do -- it'd be cool to have more people to play with!


            They aren't seeding any of the torrents... I'd best it just be directly sent..



              alright, i'm sending it via dropsend right now. they should send you a notice to download it today, i think -- let me know if that doesn't happen.


                It worked. Thanks!



                  I got it, installed it, but, its not working. I double-click the application (CSTORM.EXE) and it does not start. I am using Windows XP SP2.

                  The start fails with Displaying the game itself. THOUGH, it DOES open a CSTORM Process in my manager. I am using a ATI Radeon X850 AGP (4X).
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                    Did you put your computer's display into 256 color mode? The game will give you some weird "failed to display a surface" error unless you're in 256 color mode. To do that, go into control panel -> display settings -> settings tab -> here there should be a list box that changes you into different color modes.


                      Ah, allright it plays now- albiet hard, and, well, what can i say, lacking voice acting.

                      Does shoot out as Dynamix work though!


                        An easier way to do that is to go into the "compatibility" tab of the properties window of a shortcut to the exe and check the "256 color mode" box.

                        Back on topic, I think I'm just going to release V1.2 as is. It's probably not perfect, but I don't really know what would need to be done to improve it from its current state. It can be downloaded here.



                          OK My C-storm worked...Cough..perfectly

                          I droped the Exe in my old game folder for C-storm...
                          Is that what i did wrong ?

                          was this just a Patch ?


                            Could someone send me cyberstorm?


                              This is a replacement of the .exe file for your existing VERSION 1.1 copy of Cyberstorm. If you have installed from the CD, you are at version 1.0. First install the 1.1 patch (which is an official patch of the game) with the second link above. Then make a copy of cstorm.exe file (so you don't lose it in case you want to return to the original) and copy this (unofficial) version 1.2 exe into the folder, replacing the real one.

                              As for sending Cyberstorm, we are not in the business of piracy, not even of old games like this. You can get a copy from ebay and amazon and other such sites for less than $10.