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multiple Master servers are bring run by different groups?

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    multiple Master servers are bring run by different groups?

    I am slightly confused. On the Mercs web site they have a master.cs that has this in it:

    $Inet::Master1 = ""; // Eye's Master Server
    $Inet::Master2 = ""; // southerjustice Master Server
    $Inet::Master3 = ""; // DusterSteve's Master Server (
    $Inet::Master4 = "";

    but there is a different one on the SS Discord pinned at the top that has this in it instead:

    $Inet::Master1 = ""; // Jenetrix's Master
    $Inet::Master2 = ""; // Wilzuun's Master
    $Inet::Master3 = ""; // Jenetrix's Backup Master

    I take it two separate groups of people are running master servers that are on different addresses from each other. The players in Green Demon's Overrun server (which I can see using either master.cs) say they are using the Mercs master.cs, but they can not see my server. When I use the Mercs master.cs I also can't see my server, but I can see it and log in fine using the one from Discord with the Jenetrix/Wilzuun addresses in it. I also notice it takes much much longer for the server list to do it's thing when I choose multiplayer/join game using the master.cs from Mercs vs the instant server populating using the Discord master.cs. They have differences besides the server addresses too, like different numbers at the bottom for timeout, etc.

    If there are multiple, completely different, master servers being run and one group can't see the servers of the other group, I take it then that there are multiple groups of players who can't see servers with players because their master.cs does not match. This is not only confusing but it would seem to make logical sense that using a single master.cs would let more people get to see populated servers and more people could then play together.
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    This is a bit of a sore spot. There is some bad blood between the Mercs crew and basically everyone else which has made it difficult to get the Masters unified. We would still like to unify the Masters, but it is a bit of an intractable problem.


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