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XP64 Professional Help

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    XP64 Professional Help

    My specs:
    Windows XP x64 Professional
    Version 2003
    Service Pack 2

    4000+ x2 AMD Athalon
    Nvidia GTX 260
    4GB RAM

    All my drivers are up-to-date

    I've searched the forum but none of the solutions helped me.

    I've bought 2 copies of this game since it came out (I liked it so much) both the 2 disk version Blue and Red disks (I've heard there's a 1 Disk version out there?)

    Ok, so heres my story. I was going through all my old games a few days ago when I ran across Starsiege. "I remember this game was AWESOME" I thought to myself. Got the disks out and into the drive, all excited to play again. when BAM! Before I can do anything I get a 'Can't install because Windows NT 4.0' or w/e wasn't found.

    So I got to looking around and stumbled across a few sites (this one included) after trying a few different suggestions (including the win2k installer thing which tells me to insert the buddy CD #1 which to my knowledge disk 1 is in the drive but I don't recall it being called a buddy CD) anyway every time I try to install SS I get that Windows NT 4.0 error.

    So after getting extremely frustrated I thought I'd try to install the game on an older XP OS PC and use a flash drive to copy the game to my XP64 PC. Well it installed fine on the other PC (go figure) so I copied it and tried to run it.

    It started up, "Yes!" I thought... after about 5 or so minutes the game just quits to desktop. "Just a fluke, I'll try again" BAM! again crash to desktop with no error message or anything. (the music still runs for sometime after the crash aswell, if that matters) Every time I run the game this happens.

    So I thought maybe it was because I was missing the registry strings. So I manually added those. Still Crashes to desktop. Tried all the Graphic settings to the lowest. 640 x 480, nope. 800 x 600, nope. Maxed out, nope. NOTHING is working!

    So the only way I can see to get this game working is if I can do a fresh install on my PC (since its not technically installed) but I can't get past that Windows NT 4.0 error.

    Does anyone know of a solution to my problem? Either how to get it to install or how to get it to stop crashing?

    Please don't tell me to re-partition my HD and install XP or another OS. I need fixes for my OS, not a substitute.

    Thanks in advance.

    I seem to recall this error had something to do with the Autoexec.nt file (back up a copy from your windows/system32 directory where you can put it back later. then copy the file from windows/repair to that directory, see if that helps, if not restore the copy you made earlier.)
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      Thanks, I'll try that and see what happens.


        I didn't see where to edit my posts.

        Well my PC didn't even have that file so I took it from the older XP comp I have. It could be because I did this that it still doesnt work though...

        Tried installing, same Error Message. Still Crashes after a little while of playing.

        Something Strange I noticed while trying to fix this. I've been trying to run it in different compatibility modes. Every one I try I get a CTD except for when I try in Windows 95 compatibility. When I try playing in this compatibility around the same amount of time playing the game will freeze instead of crashing. I'm not sure if this matters at all with my problem but its something I noticed...


          Really? no autoexec.nt file? wow... I've never seen an XP machine that doesn't.

          One more possibility, is this a non american version of Windows?
          Founder/Member of Ultra Force
          Game Master of the Hellstorm Hussars Battletech Mercenary Unit


            No, this is a US copy of windows. Bought it at Microcenter a few years ago. I've noticed that XP64 doesn't have a lot of files that XP does.

            I've never had any problems installing older games on my PC except; Mech Commander and this game but, they have completely different errors and mech commanders error was easily fixed.

            A new question that might help me, I've been looking at Virtual PC 2007 now I noticed that you can't install your video drivers among other things in there so I'd assume playing SS on the virtual machine would just be ridiculous. Since I don't want to go through the hassle of Dual-Booting my PC. I was wondering if it was possible to use Virtual Machine and Install the game using that to my actual OS.

            Trying to simplify this. Can I use Virtual Machine (XP for example) to install SS to my 64bit OS.

            I know its not much of a simplified question, but I can't think of another way of putting it.